This was an exquisite fall wedding. It might not be apparent from the photos that their wedding was in October, because of, well, all that white stuff. But if you look closely, you can see yellow leaves in the white snow. The night before the big day, unexpected snow fell from the sky as if it was just for them. Maybe not what they imagined, but you could say snow in October is a little magical.

I can't imagine what it might feel like to wake up to a blanket of snow on your wedding day when you expected red, yellow, and orange fall colours. They didn't let it phase them though, and despite the cold we got some amazing photos in the snow. There weren't any blue lips, only genuine smiles. If you look, you might imagine some of those laughs are about what the day turned out to be. Kelson and Cierra were the sweetest couple, and they certainly were an example of rolling with the punches and dealing with the elements on their perfect day.


How to Deal With bad weather on Your Wedding Day

Ok, it doesn't even have to be bad weather to throw you for a loop! Even living in the most temperate and stable of climates, unexpected weather can really shake up a wedding. You may have thought about and prepared for rain. After all, it can rain in every single season. But what about snow, heavy flood-inducing rain, or a storm? This is one thing about your wedding day that you truly have no control over, which can be a difficult pill to swallow for some. Other photo shoots can be rescheduled, but about 99% of the time your wedding is your wedding day and there is no changing the date or the climate! The fact is, you're going to have to adapt to the weather you get! Eeek!

I've put together some tips and thoughts on how to keep your cool (pun intended) when the weather is anything but what you hoped for.


I'm not just saying this because I happen to be one, although I have to say I'm uniquely qualified to give this advice. A huge concern with bad weather on your wedding day is your idyllic photos being ruined. I will not let this happen, as long as you're willing to press on. Your photographer will know how to work with the light you have, find the best locations to either protect you from the weather or take advantage of the new opportunity! They will likely encourage you to go outside despite the weather. Listen to them! Even in short bursts you can get beautiful shots, and hopefully laugh about it all.

Clouds may provide amazing diffuse lighting where you might have otherwise had bright, overexposed faces. Rain can give complexity to a shot, and sometimes gives way to a beautiful fog. Overall, let your photographer do their job and direct you. You likely have already communicated certain shots you would like to get and your photographer will be able to keep your style in mind while improvising according to the weather.



Clear umbrellas, cute rainboots and jackets can all help you stay comfortable and add a touch of individuality to the day. If you have a wedding planner they will help you with last minute changes, and if not, a good friend will be able to pick up last minute props and tools. Oftentimes a cooler wedding day creates a romantic and cozy experience, and inexpensive blankets can be provided for your guests! Kelson and Cierra sat on a comfy couch with a beautiful blanket over their knees, and she had a gorgeous warm jacket for when she needed it. I have also found that air activated hard warmers help with those chilly photo shoots!

When planning your wedding it is also a good idea to talk to your wedding venue about weather provisions if any part of your day will be spent outside. Tents with heaters could be provided, or an alternate indoor space could be used. If your wedding day turns out to be a forty degree scorcher, try providing paper fans for when the air conditioning can't keep up, or pop up tents to provide shade. Keep your guests hydrated with water (I can't stress this enough, man cannot live on booze alone!). Remember that it is not worth risking anyone's health just to stick to the plan and no one wants a hospital visit to mar their wedding day, so be flexible. In another of my blog posts, the guests and wedding party went for a swim!



A last minute change like this could easily become overwhelming, but try and let your loved ones help out and just let go! It is easier said than done, but you may find the weather gave you beautiful pictures you couldn't have gotten otherwise. At the end of the day, your wedding will be planned to suit your tastes, but the execution can be a little sloppy; they have a mind of their own sometimes. Embrace it all and just try to enjoy it!

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