Yup, you read that right!

This August wedding took place on Shuswap Lake in British Columbia - on a fun and beautifully decorated houseboat. No detail was spared. The couple's personalities were incorporated with Jell-O shots, light saber bouquet holders, beachy vibes, and a blast was had by all. With a guest list of under thirty people and loads of personalized accents, this was the wedding of their dreams.

Lucas and Kaitl'n wanted a laid back and fun wedding, one for their family and friends to remember forever. I think if you ask their guests, they will confirm it was certainly that. Under the hot Okanagan sun, everyone hopped in the lake later on and the bride even changed into a swimsuit. It's the kind of wedding you wish you were invited to, right?

So if you are looking for inspiration for a unique wedding venue, a houseboat could be your answer!

This was my first houseboat wedding, and it did not disappoint. I'm sure it will not be my last. These shots were so fun to capture - and if you're looking for a photographer for your houseboat wedding I'm eager to meet you! Lucas and Kaitl'n inspired me to write about this topic since they hit the nail on the head - how to pick the perfect venue.


Of all the many many decisions a bride and groom have to make, the venue may be the biggest besides the actual "I Do". Although you can dream about the dress for years, and the party is a main attraction, your venue will set the tone for the whole event! It needs to be functional for what your wedding will need - bathroom facilities, kitchen or catering area, space for seating, and heating or cooling to keep everyone comfortable. However, your special day is unique from anyone else's, and you might be able to get away with something others could not. Your style is your own as well, and your venue will reflect that. Your dream day no doubt takes planning and thinking and rethinking, but I'm here to help a little with that!

Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind for choosing a venue and finding something special:


What do I want?

Do you dream of a chic wedding with tons of guests, low lighting, and sleek floral arrangements? Or a dreamy and casual wedding outdoors with your closest friends and family? You may end with a different event than you initially thought, but to start with, dream away! Imagine every detail you possibly can and let yourself be in it. Is your imagination filled with images of horseback riding with your partner and getting married at the top of a mountain? Let yourself dream! You can find a way to make it happen or model your dream day after your fantasy. In this first step, think only of what you and your partner want your day to be, in your wildest fantasies.

What do I need? What do my guests need?

Now, think of the basics. What time of year are you getting married and what amenities are you going to need? No doubt heating and cooling need to be a consideration, as well as seating capacity and the flow of the space. If you are bringing in catering ask them what kind of setup they require and how much space they'll need. In the space you're considering, are there comfortable washrooms with enough room so there isn't a lineup all night? If you are thinking of a rural wedding remember your older guests and make sure everyone can be comfortable. If that means providing blankets for those that might be closer to the door, or setting up some ultra-comfortable seating for those that can't tolerate standing or sitting on hard dinner chairs - do it! One way to avoid last minute stresses is to think about the overall experience for your guests and plan how to make it great. Believe me, happy wife may equal happy life, but happy guests lead to a happy wedding and happy bride and groom. This day is about you, but do you really want to hear your great aunt complaining on your wedding day?



Sure, there may be a million wedding venues that seem to look the same. That's because they aren't yours. But keep looking, keep searching for ideas that resonate with your dream. Take a look through my other blogs and galleries and take notes of what you love. Get creative about the experience you want to have on your wedding day, and don't write it off because of what a wedding "should be". Take a look at this venue - perhaps not what you may have imagined, but this houseboat wedding is a winner with serious personality. Although you will consider others in your decisions, this day is about you, and picking a venue that reflects your idea of a perfect day will never be the wrong choice.

So while choosing a venue - remember to keep in mind practicality, but a lot of fun and personality too!

Please reach out to discuss wedding packages for you big day!


Venue - Twin Anchors Houseboats