Like many this year, this couple's wedding plans were changed drastically because of the most popular word of the year (I'm pretty sick of saying the word Covid). They had planned a large wedding, and as you may expect, that is not what happened. These people were resilient though, and you would never have known that so many details had to be changed.

With an intimate backyard wedding, it was easy to see the love that was clearly so strong between this family. Rather than waiting even longer to get married, they forged ahead and put together a beautiful day I am honored to have been a part of.


As you can see, their sweet dog Harley was the star of the show and even walked down the aisle. They used the situation they were given and made the best of it by including personal photos that decorated the backyard, converse shoes, and extraordinary wooden signs that stood out in the intimate space. There is nothing like a backyard wedding to really understand the dynamics of a couple in a space they are comfortable in. While still formal, I could really see their personalities and comfort with each other and their guests in this setting.

Weddings of all shapes and sizes are special, but I do have a soft spot for small weddings like this. My own wedding was small and intimate. Read on if you are debating having a small wedding to get my take on it.


Intimate weddings have a special place in my heart. My own wedding was quite small, with a guest list of 20 people. We had our ceremony between the grape vineyard rows at Hainle Winery in Peachland with our closest friends and family. I wanted a relaxed environment, and because I don't like to be in the spotlight, a small wedding was ideal for me. After our ceremony, we did pictures at the same location, and then dinner at the vineyard's restaurant. It was 15 years ago, but I still remember the amazing food and wine! I still love to look back at that day, and I do not at all regret having a small wedding. That's why it is such a pleasure for me to be involved in my client's day - to make sure they are able to look back and remember it all.


Personal Touch

Not only does a short guest list enable you to spend more time with your closest friends and family, it allows for more personalization throughout the day! If you want extra special handmade party favors, you can. You are free to thank every guest personally for their support in attendance and their gifts, which just feels so so good. This is such an undervalued time, but it feels amazing to make personal connections throughout your wedding day with your favourite people.


Less Stress

Obviously, your friends and family are all cherished deeply. But you can't deny that less guests equals less stress - from the cost of feeding everyone and the extra embellishments of a larger venue, to the decreased chance of drama. Cutting down the list can be overwhelming, but at times the strict guest list actually makes decisions easier. If you can only have 20 guests, there isn't a question of whether your second cousin's step kids will be invited. A large wedding can easily get out of hand and getting carried away is all too easy; it is hard to say no to extended friends and family when you already have a guest list of 250. What's an extra two seats? Embrace a low stress wedding!



With a small wedding, you are able to save A LOT of money. Although the day is all about you, you're forking out a lot of money to feed and entertain your guests and make it a memorable experience for them. With less guests, you can choose to direct your budget towards pricier options that you may never have dreamed you could afford. Floral arrangements, delicate lighting, beautiful handmade cakes, or elaborate decoration - the sky is the limit when it comes to elements you can upgrade. Your venue is another way you can customize since you will need less space to accommodate everyone. Whether that means hosting everyone in an intimate backyard ceremony, or finding a small boutique location, you can make almost any space or dream work. Interested in the possibility of getting married on a mountain lookout? You certainly can't fit 200 guests, but I'm willing to bet you can seat 20 easily.

With all the time and care put into your wedding, what's important is that the decisions you make contribute to your dream day! Whatever that needs to be. Opinions will vary greatly, but it is important to know what you want. I can help with making sure you remember every detail and moment of your wedding day. If you are interested in discussing your photography options, please feel free to reach out!

For some inspiration, take a look at the vendor list below from Tyler and Jaclyn's wedding.