Houseboat wedding

This was my second houseboat wedding in the Shuswap area and I absolutely love the vibes this type of wedding can offer.

If you want a laid back, relaxing, fun wedding with your closest friends and family, then this might be an option for you!


Hire a wedding planner

Michelle from Okanagan Event Planners helped make this wedding happen with all the details. She provided the chairs, flowers, food, drinks and more. We had a pretty bumpy boat ride to the private beach together and she managed to keep the wedding cake intact! It was seriously impressive! She will go above and beyond to make sure your day is perfect!



You need a houseboat for a houseboat wedding! Head to Twin Anchors Houseboats and they will set you up!

Water Taxi

Big Water Taxi was awesome to deal with! He was on time and knows this area really well.