Hottest Summer Ever

We almost cancelled. It was so smoky and the wildfires were out of control. The air was hot, and we were sweaty. But it was worth it...this session turned out better than I expected. The smoky air made the photos look so dreamy and soft. I was really excited with how they turned out! Love this family!!

Family photos sessions

I try to make these sessions as fun and easy as possible for you and your family! One thing that helps everyone relax is music...I make sure I always bring my Bluetooth speaker and we can put on your favorite playlist. Then we wander and find pretty places to take pictures at. And of course I'm here to guide you and pose you without it being too "posey"! I am drawn to more candid photos, which I capture throughout the session. If this sounds like something you would like to book for your family contact me here. I would love to work with you!!